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2019 College Basketball Tournament Mascot Pick ‘Em

Topics: Miscellaneous

Tournament time is here, and as great as the tournament is for college basketball fans, the only thing missing is a great way to share the experience with kids and non-basketball fans.

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Athletic Windscreens: 3 Current Looks for this Campus Staple

When many people think of athletic windscreen banners, they picture a plain one-color banner perhaps with simple block lettering across the front. While simplicity can be used to great effect, today’s digital printing technology allows for much more dynamic and detailed designs than was previously possible. Newer windscreen designs often feature vibrant, full-color prints highlighting school colors, logos, energetic text, and background fades and patterns.

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Our Favorite High School Track and Field Events and Records

Topics: Record Boards

By the nature of the sport, track and field offers a consistent set of records that can not only be compared over time, but also state to state. A 100-meter dash is the same in Ohio as it is in California. You can see it in the national high school track record database—almost every record is held by a person in a different state.

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New Projects Featured at the 49th National Athletic Directors Conference

With the 49th National Athletic Directors Conference in the books, we wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to see us this year in San Antonio. It’s always great to get together with old friends and customers, meet new people, put faces to names, and talk about the latest and greatest in our industry.

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Building a Hall of Fame at Park Ridge High School

Starting an athletic hall of fame from scratch can feel like a daunting process. Each school has their own way to get it started and they each have their own unique challenges. Common questions for a program to get started include: “Who gets in?”, “How often do we induct?”, and “What is the process for collecting the necessary information?”.

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