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Your Athletes Are in Shape for the Fall… Are Your Facility Graphics?

The grass is freshly mowed, the stands are power washed, and the floors are waxed in preparation
for the new year. As the fall season heats up and the new school year begins, the condition of the
graphics on the walls and fences can often be overlooked.
There are a number of products that can help elevate the look and feel of your athletic facilities with
little effort and a modest budget. Here is a list of the most popular fall products requested by the
athletic directors we work with. If your facilities don’t look up to par, these items may be what is
needed to make the difference.

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5 College Looks to Inspire Your High School’s Athletic Graphics

High school Coaches and Athletic Directors are always looking for ways to keep their athletes engaged and motivated to perform. To get new ideas, they naturally look to what others are doing that has been effective. What is the team across the city, at the top of the league, or across the state doing to help their program?

Stop thinking peer to peer and start thinking bigger. There are many motivational products used at the college and university-level that are effective at producing results. Here are 5 college projects that can be easily adopted by high school athletic programs.

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Recent Projects in States Well-Known for Their Sports

Over time, certain states have become synonymous with specific sports. The tradition of Indiana basketball, the allure of Texas football, and the dominance of Pennsylvania wrestling are just a few examples that leave little room for debate. Here is a list of our favorite recent projects from states that have become known for the sports they love.

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Track & Field Records for Every State Meet in the U.S.

Topics: Record Boards

Even as the snow is falling and winter still grips the country, it’s time to starting shifting focus to the upcoming outdoor track season. As the season begins approaching the starting blocks, it’s now the time for athletes and coaches to start setting goals and looking forward to the potential of breaking new records.

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4 Tips to Help Get Your Hall of Fame Signage Started

Working with high schools and colleges on a daily basis makes it clear how proud they are of their students and alumni. And it’s easy to see why — student-athletes are breaking records, winning championships, and adding to the tradition of these institutions.

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