Quality Counts When it Comes to Football and Lax Decals

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/06/2013

The market has become saturated with many different helmet decal companies. Some of these companies can offer seemingly unbelievable prices, but often times this is because they are using low quality materials and selling substandard helmet stickers. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to look for when choosing a company to work with. Here are a few key features that you want to be sure to take into consideration before making your helmet decal purchase:



Helmet decal thickness is one of the largest things to look for when purchasing decals for your team. You want to be sure to find a provider that offers a 20-mil thick helmet decal material. This thickness ensures your decals will withstand the rigors of a season. Some companies have moved to a thinner material to cut costs by cutting quality. If the price seems too good to be true, be sure to ask what thickness material is being used.


How easily decals are applied to a helmet also comes down to the thickness of the material. A 20 mil thick material is ideal for helmet decals because it features just the right balance of flexibility and minimum stretch to conform with ease. When using a 20mil thick material, simple football helmet decals will apply easily. Even elaborate lacrosse helmet decal wraps offer trouble-free helmet decal installation despite the complex curves of lacrosse helmets.


When choosing a helmet decal provider, be sure to ask how easily their decals are removed from a helmet at the end of the season. It goes without saying, the adhesive used to attach helmet decals should likewise be high quality and the proper tackiness to keep the decal perfectly in place during hard hits and lots of abuse. When you are ready to remove them, a quality helmet sticker should separate from the helmet without leaving sticky adhesive behind. This adhesive can be a real pain for you and your staff to remove if you have to get it off your helmets. Be sure to ask your decals provider if their decals will remove cleanly.


Custom Design

You want to be sure to find someone that has the design capabilities that you require. Many sport decal companies offer stock designs that can sometimes make things easier, but often times a custom design is just what you need to shake things up. Also be sure to ask if there are any additional hidden costs such as: design setup charges, art fees, die-cut fees, etc. Some helmet decal providers even require a deposit to start designing. Make sure you are not paying any of these unnecessary fees.

Manufactured In House

One commonly overlooked thing when purchasing helmet decals is knowing who is actually producing the decals. There are many companies who resell decals that other companies produce. This middleman boosts your cost to turn a profit and can delay the process. Make sure your helmet decal provider is the manufacturer to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time and to avoid inflated middleman pricing.

Whatever company you ultimately choose, be sure to pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. Find one that can not only provide durable and high-quality decals, but one that also offers the customer service that meets your needs. If you have any additional questions regarding football helmet decals or lacrosse helmet wraps and decals, contact the helmet decal professionals at Team Fitz Graphics, LLC. They can be reached at 855.356.8550 or on the Web at www.TeamFitzGraphics.com.

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