How to Apply a Warrior T2 Helmet Wrap

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/06/2013

Lacrosse helmet decal wraps are a unique product that can help your team stand out from the rest and make a big impression. They are also quite easy to apply to your helmet. Below is a transcription of our video "Team Fitz Graphics - Warrior TII Helmet Wrap".

Lacrosse Helmet Decal Wrap Video Transcript
Hi, we're Team Fitz Graphics, and today we're going to show you how to wrap this helmet. If you have any questions feel free to visit our website,, you can contact us anytime.

Our goal of this video today is to show you how to apply a lacrosse helmet wrap to the Warrior T2 helmet. Basically what you have here is going to come in two pieces. They're a full wrap. I have laid it out here and I've pulled all the pieces apart just to kind of show you how the pieces go together as one, and also some tips and tricks on how to apply them. First off, we're going to start with the visor. And when you're doing the visor, the easiest way is to kind of square it up and then just follow the front line of the visor and apply it all the way down.

Now this is our 20 mil thick material. A very easy to move around, to manipulate, also to get all the air bubbles out of. Do the same thing on this side; and it can pull back a little bit if you need it to. Just fold the line of the visor all the way down. Simple enough, so start from the middle and push all the air bubbles out and just form it to the contours of the helmet.

Then we're going to move onto one of the vent pieces. What you do is start with the middle. It's easiest to line up because the pattern follows directly with it. Kind of lay it down where you think it's going to go. And once you feel comfortable with it, start in the middle and then just kind of push your way out. Simple and easy enough.

Now from the middle, we're going to actually turn and go to the side. Now when going to the side, these are not going to line up exactly, so you're going to have to kind of play with it. Like I said, this stuff is pretty easy to move up and down. And when you're coming down to the side of the helmet; see how far this is down, that's not what you want. Ideally, you're going to want to get that part right on the ridge. So when you're coming back, see how that just gets by the ridge there? That's how you want it.

So like I said, you're going to start, kind of in the middle, and then work your way out. I like to use the palm of my hand, because I feel like that it covers the most area. As you can see, these bubbles just kind of push their way out. And kind of continue just pushing your way through until you get it all the way nice and flat. And you see how this is following this ridge-line all the way back? That's what you want, to make sure that this overlaps correctly. Then you'll just do the same on the opposite side. Again we're checking to make sure that it comes down right in the middle. And then we're just going to push our way out.

All right, now that we have our sides set up now we're going to work on the vents. The reason we did the sides first; these are going to overlap them and it's easier to manipulate these up and down, left and right, than these side decals are. So we just start at the top, make sure we're overlapping just barely at the point. And then we'll just work our way down, making sure to overlap all the way down. Now again, start in the middle and then just kind of push your way out. Then start on this side and again make sure they're overlapped. Start in the middle and just push your way out.

Now what we'll do is we'll add the chin. This one's very easy. Again, as always, just start in the middle, work your way out. All right, now for the back panel. What you want to do is start on one side and kind of look at it and adjust, and make sure you get the logo close. As close as possible. And remember that the viewing distance for these is going to be up in the stands, fans are going to be further away. What you do is just kind of get it started and then follow the contour of the helmet across the backside, just continuing to line it up all the way across.

Then just make sure to go over it and get rid of all the excess bubbles until your background fits exactly how you need it. Now the final piece is just the back strip. On this one we'll kind of do the same thing. We'll start it to where it lines up and we'll just work our way across, overlapping just slightly to finish off the helmet. Then that should be your finished product.

If you have any questions about lax wraps, contact our team of lacrosse helmet decal experts at Team Fitz Graphics, LLC. We can be reached by phone at 855.356.8550 or checkout our main site.

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