How to Apply a Cascade Pro7 Helmet Wrap

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/05/2013

Lacrosse helmet wraps are a unique product that offer a huge visual impact and can help your team stand out from the rest. Below is a transcription of our video "Team Fitz Graphics - Cascade Pro7 Helmet Decal Wrap".

Lacrosse Helmet Wrap Video Transcript

We are Team Fitz Graphics and today we're going to show you how to wrap a Cascade Pro7 lacrosse helmet.

All right, when you get your Pro7 wrap, it's going to come in a standard sheet, like this, with all the pieces together. And where you're going to want to start, pick a side, left or right, it doesn't matter. We're simply just going to tear it out. On the Pro7s, I like to start at the top. There's a nice little seam within the shell of the helmet--that's your center point. So what you want to do is you want to start there and then just work your way down the visor so that you know the top piece is lined up. Just kind of lightly tap it to get things started.

This stuff is great. It's 20mm, which makes it very pliable so you can stretch, bend, make it work. What you're going to do is you're going to kind of try to lay it down, basically, where it's supposed to go or where you think it's supposed to go. And then start at the top and work down the middle and just form it to the helmet. Just kind of push it into the cracks, keep moving left to right. As it bunches up, peel back a little bit and then just keep pushing along, right down the middle, and this will stretch all the way across the back side of your helmet.

Now, when you have that center line down, basically, what you're going to do is just start in the middle--I like to use the palm of my hand—and just push all the air out towards the tops and bottoms. And you see how this will wrinkle up—what you just do is you just keep pushing it out. With this nice thick material it really makes it easy. And then if you get an air bubble, just peel back and do the same thing over again. So keep pushing, keep pushing out, all the way down. And now you have the first side of your helmet.

I like to do the sides first because the majority of the time, any of your designs are going to be based on these two pieces. If we start out with these, you can then basically work off that. So, again, we're going to start in the center with a little, slight overlap—not much, just a hair—and then follow that line of the visor. And, again, just try to lay it out, basically, where you think it should go. And then we're going to start right down the middle again. Really pushing it to make sure you get down under these ridges. That bunches up. Peel it back a little bit. Just keep pushing.

This stuff is very pliable, and you can almost stretch it too much, sometimes so make sure that you're not tugging too hard. It should overlap just slightly in the back, as well. And then, just like before, push up to make sure we get all the air bubbles out. And then if you have a few that you just can't seem to push out, just start over again. Come back up past the air bubble, lay it down where you think it should be, work down the middle and just keep pushing up. Then I just do the same on the other side.

Then you have your opposite side. Now, this is usually better in a sitting position to do the back panel. For this, you just want to line it up right down the center and then just work your way down, trying to make sure that everything is aligned with the design. Again, feel free to pull up and readjust any time you need to, and just work the air bubbles out. Now, with this piece it's usually easier to start on one side or the other, so I usually start on the side that has the design or logo, and that way you can make sure that it winds up really nicely. And then, just stretch along and follow the contours of the helmet and then just make sure to push all the air bubbles out. That way your logo winds up really nice on the outside.

 Now, move to the top part of the helmet. You start with your Mohawk and this is also easy to do if you can put it in your lap and grab it. We'll start with one side and, again, just follow the contours of the helmet all the way down until it finishes at the end and just push all the air bubbles out, and the same thing with the other side. Nice and easy. Now, what we're going to do is we're coming into the home stretch here. Just start with your vents. Pretty standard. Just follow the helmet all the way down and just make sure all the air bubbles are out. And just do the same for the other two pieces.

It's usually easier to start out by matching this piece--this very center piece--match it up, and the rest of it should just lay down. And make sure to get it down on all these ridges. Just make sure that has the most amount of adhesive attached to the helmet. And then your last piece--just try to do the same thing. Line up this piece first, and the rest of it, all the way right down with the helmet, being sure to get into all the ridges.

 And then, finally, your accent pieces. They're simple. Push in, they'll just line up down the middle. Push all the air bubbles out. And then finish up with the two side pieces. What you are going to want to do is just start right at the edge of this piece and just follow the helmet. Just lay it down and then the same on this side.

If you have any questions about lacrosse helmet full wraps or lacrosse helmet 3/4 wraps, contact our team of helmet decal experts at Team Fitz Graphics, LLC. We can be reached by phone at 855.356.8550 or visit us on the Web.

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