How to Apply Cascade CPX-R Helmet Decals like a Pro

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/06/2013

Lacrosse helmet wraps are a unique product that offer a huge visual impact and can help your team stand out from the rest. Below is a transcription of our video "Team Fitz Graphics - Cascade CPX-R Helmet Wrap".

Lacrosse Helmet Decal Wrap Video Transcript

We're Team Fitz Graphics, and today we're going to be showing you how to wrap a Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet.

The CPX-R helmet wrap package will come in one solid piece, and basically what you want to do is you want to start with the side decals. The majority of all the designs are based on the sides, so I like to start there. That way you can basically line everything up off of that. It's usually easier to sit down, put it in your lap. What you want to do is you want to start by getting this point directly in the middle up here, and basically work down the middle and follow the contours of the helmet. Making sure everything aligns. Just keep working down the middle to make sure it follows the lines of the lacrosse helmet, and then also across the backside.

So when you've basically got it set, you then really just want to work up to get all the air bubbles out. You can either use your fingers or I like to use the palm of my hand. Just kind of push everything out, and feel free to pull it back. This materials great, its very pliable, 20 mil. thickness, so it contours to the helmet very nicely, and there's the first side. We're just going to do the same thing with the other side.

Making sure it gets right into that point, kind of get it in place. Start in the middle, go all the way across, and then in the back there should be just a slight overlap for the two pieces, to make sure that the designs complete. Then we're just going to work the bubbles out again, work vertically, and make sure you get down in this ridge to make sure all the air is out of that. And then as you're working across, feel free to readjust the decal to make sure that all the air gets out of it.

Opposite side, and what we'll do is we'll go to the back decal. For this helmet I like to start on the side just to make sure you're design lines up, as you can see here. Once you get it to start, just follow the template all the way across the back to finish your back. Now, this piece is a little tricky. What you want to do is start on one side to make sure that you line up the snap so its not getting in the way of the design and then just follow this top line here, all the way across so it misses the other snap, as well. And then this one, you start at the top and you push down so it follows the contour of the helmet and you get all the air out to make sure the most adhesive is attached to the helmet. Gives you a nice back look there. Then what we'll do is start with the top. Again, in the sitting position, I'm going to start up here, and see how this arcs? You just want to make sure the design follows the helmet, and just begin on one side, lay it down and push all the air out. And then do the same with the other side.

We'll move on to the vents. What you're going to want to do is line up this middle piece first, and then just follow the helmet all the way down, re-adjust as you go, and just make sure to push all the air bubbles out. You're going to want to do the same with the middle piece, make sure to line those two up and the rest should just lay right down into place. Just line it up and lay it down. Now, I'll get the visor pieces in place. What you're going to want to do here is start right around the snap there, and then just follow the contours of the helmet all the way down.

Just the same for the top as well, just be sure to push all the air bubbles out. And the same here. Just follow the line all the way down. Pinch it up, chin piece, just nice and easy just to line the bottom, make sure its centered, get all the air bubbles out. And then on a separate sheet, you'll have your back patch numbers so the kids know which helmet's theirs. And that just simply gets laid in this open space, just be sure to push all the air bubbles out. And there you have it, the CPX-R helmet wrap.

If you have any questions about lax wraps, contact our team of lacrosse helmet decal experts at Team Fitz Graphics, LLC. We can be reached by phone at 855.356.8550.

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