How to Apply a Brine Triumph Helmet Wrap

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/06/2013

Lacrosse helmet decal wraps are a unique product that can help your team stand out from the rest and make a big impression. They are also quite easy to apply to your helmet. Below is a transcription of our video "Team Fitz Graphics - Brine Triumph Helmet Decal Wrap Instructions".

Lacrosse Helmet Decal Wrap Video Transcript

We are Team Fitz Graphics, and today we're going to be showing you how to wrap a Brine Triumph Helmet. Basically what is going to happen is your template is going to come in a single sheet for the entire helmet. You are just going to want to start with the side decals.

The easiest way to do these is to start at the top, and to follow the visor, as you can see right here. Then you assure that the hole is cut out correctly, and then just follow down from the top of the helmet.

Now this is our 20 thick mil material, and it's very easy to peel back once you get started. Just start pushing the air out, down the middle and all the way back. And this decal will actually follow the contour of the helmet. You can see a V on the helmet come down to this point. Start in the middle and just work your way out, making sure you get rid of all of the wrinkles, all the bubbles out of the middle. Now you have your first side.

I always like to start with the side decals, because the majority of the designs are based on those, so we want to get those in place first. Again, we're going to start at the top of the helmet, and follow the contour of the visor all the way down, to get a starting point. Double check to make sure vent is in a clear spot. And just follow the top of the helmet down.

Start in the middle, give yourself a good pace and just work your way up. I'm always pushing out from the middle to make sure you get all the air bubbles out. And if you have an air bubble it's easy enough to just peel it back up, and lay it back down. Again, this will come, so follow the contour of the helmet back to the fine point on the back end here.

Once you get the two side decals done you're going to start on the back panel. Now normally I tell you to start in the middle, but for this one we're actually going to start and work our way left to right, making sure you get around this first vent and line it up with this bottom jaw line here. And that's just to get a starting point for you.

Now work your way across, making sure to get down into all the crevices, because you want to be sure that you get as much adhesive adhered to the helmet to make sure it lasts and stays for a long time. Just continue to work your way up, getting rid of all of the bubbles, and double check to make sure your design is lining up. Again, if you ever feel like you're a little off just bring it back, readjust, and start in the middle and press your way out. Again, you're going to run into this little ridge again, so make sure you get down into it. Just work and play with the material until you make sure you get all the little bubbles and ridges out of there.

Now that's the back panel. What we'll do is just go to the Mohawks. That's pretty basic, here. Just start at the top and follow the lines of the helmet all the way down; and the same with this one. Then go with your vents. Now sometimes the vents can get a little tricky as to which side they go to. Just remember that the thicker end goes toward the back of the helmet. Align the holes, and lay it out flat.

On this one I like to line up this middle one here, and then work my way off of that. And make sure to press down and get in all the crevices. As I said before, the more adhesive that you have to the helmet, the better off your decal is going to be.

Finally, the last one, again the thicker end toward the back; line up the vent decal covers. Just press down. And the last piece to the helmet will be to personalize it so each player knows exactly which helmet is theirs. Square it up, it fits, and you have your helmet wrap.

If you have any questions about lacrosse helmet wraps, contact our team of lacrosse helmet decal experts at Team Fitz Graphics, LLC. We can be reached by phone at 855.356.8550.

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