Custom Football Helmet Decals; An American Tradition

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/05/2013

For many years, American Football teams have adorned their headgear with custom helmet decals to project the pride they have for their team and to make a statement to their opponents. The practice of presenting helmet stickers is credited to Ernie Biggs, a legendary trainer at The Ohio State University. The idea stemmed from fighter pilots marking their jets with stickers after successful missions and kills.


Side Logo Decals
There are several different types of decals that teams use to enhance their helmets. The most common Football Helmet Decal type used is the Side Logo Decal. These are the large pair of decals that flank each side of the helmet. The team's logo, mascot or even team name is most commonly displayed. These bold helmet graphics are the largest and most predominant visual symbol on a team's helmet.

Helmet Stripes
Another commonly used Football Helmet Decal type are Football Helmet Stripes. Stripes are used to add visual impact from the front to back of a helmet. Football Helmet Stripes are a great way to add color and visual interest and can be found in a wide variety of styles.

Award Decals
In a sport that is largely focused on team honors, a football helmet award decal is the exception. These small decals are earned by athletes for big plays such as touchdowns, interceptions or a large number of rushing yards and serve as a way to reward players by outwardly recognizing these on-the-field achievements.

There are several companies that offer helmet stickers and the quality of materials vary widely. Quality decals are made with thick and tough wrinkle-free vinyl that conforms to the complex curves of helmets with ease and is paired with a high quality adhesive to ensure it stays firmly in place for the duration of a season. For more information or to speak with a helmet decal professional, contact Team Fitz Graphics, LLC at (855) 356-8550.

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