4 Tips for Choosing a Weight Room Record Board

Like most products, the quality of weight room record boards, varies from provider to provider. With limited time and budget, athletic directors and coaches can’t afford waste their resources on subpar products that don’t meet their needs. If you are considering record board for your weight room, here are four tips to keep in mind as you are choosing the best partner for your program.

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5 Qualities of a Great Dry Erase Board

The most common dry erase board questions we get from coaches and athletic directors are about quality. We’ve all had the experience of purchasing a product that turns out to be less than promised. This can be a disappointing and often costly experience. We’ve identified the five qualities that make a dry erase board great.

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Tips to Get the Most out of Your Athletes in the Weight Room

Successful athletes are often the most competitive individuals on your team. They strive to lift the most, run the fastest, or jump the highest. Start rewarding their ambition by putting their name on a strength record board, where everyone can see it. It’s a tremendous feeling knowing you’ve measured yourself against your peers and knowing you’ve come out on top.

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Waldron High School Elevates Program with a Custom Basketball Dry Erase Board

When it comes to encouraging player development, coaches rely on clear communication. 65% of the population consists of visual learners, or people that recall information best when they see images or demonstration. Leaning too heavily on spoken word or lectures can be a missed opportunity for coaches. By adding visual cues to your lesson such as an illustration of a play, you are playing to the strength of both sight and sound recollection. This multiple-sense approach can help create vivid memories and impactful instruction.

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Designing Dry Erase Boards for NFL Teams

At Team Fitz Graphics, we have had the great fortune to work with some fantastic athletic programs. Our diverse roster of customers include professional teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB, major universities across the nation and thousands of high schools. This month we are featuring two customers from the National Football League — the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams were interested in one of our most popular product lines: custom dry erase boards.

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