The Most Popular Cheer Gear this Football Season

Posted 08/16/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Banners & Flags

Each fall, cheer squads across the country play a vital role supporting their football team and the fans. High energy and carefully-choreographed routines pump up the crowd and add to the game-day spectacle. Looking for some additional support? Here are the most popular flags and banners that help cheerleaders bring the crowd to a fever pitch.

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Top 3 Banners for Football Season

Posted 07/17/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Banners & Flags

Don’t catch yourself unprepared for the droves of fans filling into your stadiums every weekend, anxiously awaiting the most thrilling part of fall — the football season. Here is your guide to the three most popular banners found during the football season.

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Top 10 Recent Gym Banner Projects

Posted 07/06/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Banners & Flags

Everyone is familiar with the quintessential rows of championship banners typically seen hanging in high school and collegiate gymnasiums. While this sight may be commonplace, many people may not be familiar with the options available when it comes to banner design. Here are examples of 10 gym banner projects we have recently completed for our customers. These projects will help illustrate common approaches athletic directors are taking across the the country with their gym banners.

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Determine the Right Size for Your Add-A-Year Banners

Posted 06/15/2017 | by Shaun Fitzgibbons | Banners & Flags

One of the most common questions we hear from athletic directors considering add-a-year banners is “What size do most people purchase?”. It’s a straightforward question, but one that depends on a few factors. Below are the things that have the greatest effect on the size banners needed for your gym.

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Poly Fabric: The Ideal Material for Gym Banners

Posted 06/12/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Banners & Flags

Anyone who has been involved in athletics, even just as a fan, is familiar with the traditional rows of championship banners that adorn the gym walls of high schools and universities. Most people however, have probably given very little thought to the construction and materials used in the banners hanging in their gymnasium.

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