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Sun Prairie High School Honors Long History of Track & Field State Champions

Sun Prairie High School celebrates a rich history in the sport of track & field. Located in a northeastern suburb of Madison, WI, Sun Prairie has earned 12 individual-athlete state titles in track and field—the earliest dating all the way back to 1928. It was decided that they wanted a unique way to honor these athletics for years to come.

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Let’s Get Custom: Why Athletic Directors Choose Die-Cut Signs

You don't accept complacency from your athletes, so why would you accept it from your athletic facilities? Your coaches and athletes strive to be more than simply "average" on the field, so reward their hard word with a facility that is like no other. Customization in your signage can inject life into your indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.

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Our Look at the State of Athletic Graphics & Facility Improvements

A special update from our Owner, Shaun Fitzgibbons, about the future of the industry.

In the last decade, our team has seen tremendous change in how we market our graphics and how we serve our customers. We have witnessed a movement in the world of athletics where competition is at an all-time high — and not just one the field! Schools have realized that the recruitment battle starts before an athlete even steps on a field.

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Don’t Strike Out with an Uninspiring Ballpark

Overcome These Common Issues When Displaying Baseball & Softball Graphics

Baseball and softball fields present some unique challenges when you’re trying to display impactful graphics like team championships or athlete accomplishments. Baseball and Softball fields are quite large and require a long viewing distance. Generic fences typically surround the facility, and field is often far from the parking lot or school, so finding the field can be difficult. Here are three common issues found at ballparks and how to get past it.

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Carrollton High School Prepares for Spring with a Baseball Record Board

Topics: Record Boards

This time of year always makes us think baseball. Spring is just around the corner, pitchers and catchers are reporting, and baseball coaches are interested in record boards for the upcoming season. With that in mind, here is a spotlight on a baseball record board we built for Carrollton High School in Missouri.

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