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Reward Student Athlete Accomplishments On and Off the Field

Posted 09/18/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Record Boards

Hard work and dedication are two characteristics required to succeed as a high school or collegiate athlete. Student athletes must master the art of juggling — from conditioning and practice to classwork and tests. It is important to reward their dedication and recognize the hard-earned achievements of your players.

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Tips to Get the Most out of Your Athletes in the Weight Room

Posted 09/14/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Record Boards, Dry Erase Boards

Successful athletes are often the most competitive individuals on your team. They strive to lift the most, run the fastest, or jump the highest. Start rewarding their ambition by putting their name on a strength record board, where everyone can see it. It’s a tremendous feeling knowing you’ve measured yourself against your peers and knowing you’ve come out on top.

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The Most Popular Cheer Gear this Football Season

Posted 08/16/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Banners & Flags

Each fall, cheer squads across the country play a vital role supporting their football team and the fans. High energy and carefully-choreographed routines pump up the crowd and add to the game-day spectacle. Looking for some additional support? Here are the most popular flags and banners that help cheerleaders bring the crowd to a fever pitch.

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Hanford High School Goes Big with a New Football Record Board

Posted 08/07/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Record Boards

As the dog days of summer march forward, workouts grow in intensity and football teams begin eying the first kickoff of the season. The countdown to fall is on, and your players aren’t the only ones ready for the thrill of another football season. While coaches and players are working tirelessly to get ready for that kickoff, there’s no better time to get your athletic facilities prepped for the new season.

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Finding the Right Materials for Outdoor Athletic Signage

Posted 07/31/2017 | by Ryan Willi | Record Boards

Ice, wind, and the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun can all be harmful for outdoor signage. Choosing the right materials should be the biggest consideration when selecting outdoor recognition signs. It’s important that your signs stand up to all the standard weather elements. In the sign industry, standard elements are defined as temperatures between 150 degrees and -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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