Characteristics Of A Championship Team

Posted 04/18/2014 | by Ryan Willi |

Much has been said about the nature of sports and what makes a champion. In the end, however, one thing is true. Every team from little league to professional wants to experience the exhilaration of a championship victory. It isn’t every team that gets to enjoy such a win. Certain components are required to make such top-notch winners. The characteristics of a championship team and athlete are well established.

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How Not to Use Social Media as a Coach

Posted 04/17/2014 | by Ryan Willi | Miscellaneous

Social media is a necessary platform for coaches and athletic directors. Social media has many benefits when used correctly. It can be great for quick communication to your athletes, parents and fans about schedule changes, practice times, sharing photos, hyping the upcoming game and more. However, it’s very common to find social media that isn’t being used in the right ways.

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Don’t Put Off Purchasing Your Helmet Decals This Season

Posted 04/10/2014 | by Ryan Willi | Helmet Decals & Wraps

As a coach, we understand you rarely have enough time in the day. You are constantly being pulled from one thing to another including scheduling, practice, working with athletes and their parents, etc. It is easy to forget some of the details like ordering helmet decals for the upcoming season.

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Choosing the Right Colors For Your Athletic Gear

Posted 04/03/2014 | by Ryan Willi | Miscellaneous

If you’ve ever purchased athletic gear or signage for a team you’ve learned that color varies drastically from vendor to vendor. Keeping consistent color for your team across a variety of products can be a major challenge. Ordering new uniforms, helmet decals, record boards, etc. in the wrong color is a costly error that we would like to help you avoid.

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How To Spruce Up Your Gymnasium With Gym Banners

Posted 03/28/2014 | by Seth Thitoff | Gymnasium & Facility, Banners

A challenge for all athletic directors is making sure their gymnasium looks good and creates a positive player and fan experience. An outdated or bare gymnasium can be embarrassing for players and staff and does not properly recognize the accomplishments of hardworking athletes and coaches. Team Fitz offers a variety of banners that will instantly add life, excitement and most importantly, recognition of hard work, to any gym. 

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